• Introducing a partnership between The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants & Cashback.

  • This partnership was built exclusively for businesses within The Council.


Who is CashBack and how do they help merchants?

CashBack has been selected by The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants to be the exclusive payment processing partner for our members. CashBack offers expert knowledge, advanced business analytics, and wholesale processing rates for their customers. For business owners, their payment advisors are there to ensure you're protecting your business against potential security threats and price gouging. CashBack will deliver you the best possible processing rate.

Credit Cards

CashBack not only lowers your rate but also pays you cash rewards on every transaction.

Payment Gateway

Gain access to more customers by taking payments online with the CashBack online payment gateway.

Gift Cards

Seamlessly offer your customers the opportunity to purchase gift cards from your business.


Whether you're taking paper checks or processing hundreds of ACH's Cashback makes this process simple.


Your payment advisor is standing by and ready to assist you.

Connect to an advisor

With new regulations, your B2B business may be eligible for up to a 30% discount on every transaction.

Did you know that B2B businesses that accept purchasing and corporate cards can provide additional transaction data? Providing this can automatically lower the cost for accepting these card types.


Capitalize on this great new partnership.

The Council and CashBack have built this program exclusively for council members. CashBack has pledged to ensure your business is secure, within compliance, and processing at wholesale rates.

Our pledge to The Council is to protect your business.

Our payment advisors are standing by to ensure that your business is safe and secure when processing payments. We also want to make sure your processing payments at the lowest possible rate for your business type.