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Payment Gateway

Build Your Online Presence

Bring your business online with the CashBack online gateway payment processing platform.

Accept Payments Anywhere

No matter where you are you can accept payments on your customized dashboard.

Secure Online Transactions

Cyber security is a hot topic these days. CashBack Corporation assures your payments are processed securely.

Automate Recurring Billing

Set up weekly, monthly or yearly memberships with CashBack.

Insightful Analytics

Your businesses transactional data is always available at your fingertips when you use CashBack.

Accept Payments Anywhere

As a Cashback customer you will be able to take payments using your Virtual Terminal from anywhere at anytime using our state of the art Gateway.

Secure Online Transactions

Cyber-security is a hot topic these days for merchants and customers alike. With CashBack, you can know that your payments are processed securely.

Automate Recurring Billing

Does your business offer monthly, weekly or yearly memberships? Set up automatic repeat payments in the CashBack Gateway.

Insightful Business Analytics

In the CashBack CRM zero in on your online sales metrics. Learn which days of the week and times of day customers purchase products from your business. This information and much more give you insightful data to help you plan promotions and sales to grow your business.